I have a dreams

Everyone must have a dreams. Yeah me too. And this is my dreams.
  • Its about love. I hope my love for Allah and Rasulullah would remind untill the end of time. Not forget, my love for family, friends and all the things in the world.
  • Its about study. Yeah i know i'm not the type who likes to learn the science book lah, mathematic la apebenda semua tu. So i hope i can become the best in education.
  • Its about obligation. I hope someday i can perform the Umrah and Hajj.
  • I hope i have a good friend. Yang ada dikala suka dan duka.
  • And its about my life. I hope someday i can going to holiday in overseas with my family, always get many A in examination. (huh straight a x nak!) new phone, dan banyak lagi!!!!
Tak dapat nak bagitau semua kerana terlampau banyak sangat dreams saya. Yang banyak merepek-repek kerepek saya tak tulis. :)

Hope, tercapai.


p/s: . Don't ever check my grammar. Piss.

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