Me da gred one


Okay actually, i know about terlanjut usia. Baru form 2 nak pergi kelas. Anak cina umur 5 tahun dah hantar pi kelas. Okay now, i was nearing to gred 1 and InsyaAllah tomorrow i will going to my piano class. It's about 1 hour. Staying with a beautiful teacher, the most cool air-cond and the pianoss at there. Very awsome. Kehkeh. Okay i want to show you something. I know about the quality. Very bad cause i used the camera fone only.

u are my sunshine, my only sunshine blablablaa


Aku ambil keputusan takmau lah belajaq sampai gred 8. Cukuplah sampai gred 5 or 6. Actually this is my ambition. Become a pianist. I love piano very much! BUT, can not exceed my love for Allah and family also.. Piano is the last thing. ! :D

Very da veryy cute! But just a picture only. I took this from inche google, my uncle.

Tau tak, main benda ni tersangatlah menjana minda dan kepala otak. Sometimes, i fell like want to kick the piano and rampage like a monstaaa. Ye la, sebab kita nak baca sheet music lagi, nak tekan lagi. Aiyoo. I don't know la how my teacher teach me. I know, i kick the piano and my teacher will kick me. Wakaka. It's not funny. My teacher are very soft people. She will teach me until i get everything. Kadang-kadang dia mengamuk jugaklah dengan aku yang tak reti-reti lagi nak baca sheet music lagi. Yeah, otak aku ni macam slow sikit. Okay no! It's only word, i did not mean it.

Alright, tomorow i will snap some picture in the piano class. Biar kena marah. Babai allzzz.

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